Water Damage Restoration

Water is an essential utility for any home. It keeps our properties clean and sometimes even becomes the life blood of our beloved houses. However, there are times when water can become a dangerous foe, particularly when it causes damage to our home.

Water damage can be quite a doozy. Whether it sprung from a leaky pipe, or if it was the workings of a recent storm pounding on a faulty roof, or a flood, this sort of damage can be harder to remedy than most others because of the many health hazards and warnings it comes with.

Water damage health concerns

Water damage has been categorized into three major divisions according to the kind of water that has caused the problem. The first category of water comes from clean or sanitary water supplies such as from broken water lines, faucets, or toilets and does not pose a threat to health and well-being. Category 2 water has had some level of contamination and can cause significant discomfort or illness if and when ingested. This can include water with urine or dishwater overflow. Category 3, the most hazardous of all, can cause serious illness or even death such as water from sewage. While category 1 and 2 may seem quite benign, they can and will escalate to the next categories with time, temperature, and contact with contaminants.

Water damage evaluation

It’s important to call in an expert water damage recovery service when you face a situation in your home. It can be hard to assess the extent on your own, and so this must always be left to a professional. This process can be very technical; from inspection of damaged areas using specific tools, to formulation of a drying and restoration plan fit for your home.

Water damage restoration

While it can be tempting to call in repairs and redecorate immediately, it is not advisable to do either while your home has not recovered from the damage. Leaving affected areas moist can cause further damage in the future. Evacuate your home for the drying process to proceed. Wait a period of three to four days, depending on the extent of damage, and allow water damage restoration services ample time to remove equipment and perform drying where it should occur. Remember to first monitor the area when you are allowed to return. Refrain from bringing children and pets into the premises until you see the damage for yourself. It’s important to monitor the damage for any future problems. Call in the experts as soon as you notice any potential dangers.