Mold Remediation

Mold can be found most anywhere and has the ability to thrive on nearly any surface, with the consideration that moisture is present. Usually found in building and structures, mold can grow as a result of inefficient drying such as leaky roofs or faulty indoor plumbing.

While mold can be found in most homes, they exist in levels that cannot affect the majority of healthy individuals. However, if left to escalate, these seemingly harmless growths can create serious health concerns and hazards for the people who are exposed to it.

The health effects of mold

Because there are different kinds of mold, there are different levels of affectation. If the mold present in your household produces mycotoxins, it can pose a serious health risk to you, your family, and your pets. Exposure to ‘toxic molds’ can cause illness, serious neurological problems, and even death. Some symptoms of toxic mold exposure can include headaches, skin irritation, cough, watery eyes, and a runny nose. If you experience any of these simultaneously and constantly, then perhaps you should have someone look into your home for toxic molds.

Assessing the growth

While some mold types can be detected by smell and signs of water damage, there can be mold colonies that cannot be perceived by the naked senses. If you suspect that your home has become a breeding ground for mold, it would be best to call in mold remediation services to remove the harmful growths. Assessment starts by determining whether or not mold is actually present in the property. There may be instances when a sample must be taken to pinpoint the specific species of mold. If the mold is harder to identify, services may need to take a more intrusive approach by moving furniture, removing carpets, and peeling off wallpaper for a better view. Once mold has been identified, then remediation can occur.

Mold remediation

While ridding your home of the mold itself is generally the main concern with mold remediation, it’s equally essential to remove the source. Resolving moisture issues becomes the first step towards remediation. After this first step has been settled, mold remediation can occur. Mold is usually removed using high-grade detergent solutions that wash away any growths on surfaces. However, when mold growth becomes too extreme, mold remediation services suggest that the structure be condemned to bring mold down to a safer level. Once mold has been completely eliminated, you can begin the process of redecorating and repairing your home were necessary.