Gas VS Oil Heat

With heating season upon us it is important to use the best option to save money.  Gas can be a good choice when compared to oil heat because gas heat can be less expensive and it can also be a bit more environmentally friendly.

The cost of oil heat fluctuates regularly as does gas but oil can fluctuate more and it can fluctuate at much higher levels. The average price of oil heat is about $1-$2 higher of gas heat normally. Of course in some rare cases the cost of gas heat will be higher.

Other Benefits

Gas heat can be kinder to the environment. Gas heat burns “clean” it does not release the soot that burning oil does.  Oil builds up soot in the chimney of the heating system as well that can be harmful.

Gas heat burns more efficiently. Of course gas does not spill like oil does. There is some concern about oil spilling into the ground water when tanks are filled. It is estimated that gallons and gallons of fuel is spilled during the process of filling tanks throughout the US alone.

Gas of course cannot be accidently spilled when filling the tank so that issue is taken right off the table.  Gas furnaces are more expensive than oil furnaces but you do not have to service a gas furnace but you do have to service an oil furnace.

Typically an oil furnace has to be serviced once a year by the oil company that you buy your oil from. It is necessary to ensure proper operation. A gas furnace burns fuel without build up so it has to be serviced very rarely.

It’s Not All Good News

A gas furnace is more expensive than an oil furnace. Of course you also have to be in an area where you have access to gas. In some cases you can have gas delivered but it is usually a better option if you are in an area where you can just tie right into the municipal gas supply.

If you have a choice to make between oil or gas you may want to seriously consider gas as an option. It may be more expensive to get started with gas but in the end you will likely save some money in the long run. Gas can be an excellent option that is more efficient and more environmentally friendly.