The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a more modern form of traditional insulation that is used to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient throughout the years. Whether you are looking for a material that is relatively simple to use or if you simply want to save money on your monthly bills, spray foam insulation can be incredibly convenient.

Energy Efficiency

One of the largest benefits of spray foam insulation is that it helps to make your home far more energy efficient. Instead of allowing heat and cool air to enter and escape your house, it keeps the temperature inside at a good level. This means that your central air won’t be working overtime and you won’t be putting more money into your monthly heating and cooling bills. Not to mention that energy efficient homes are also more environmentally friendly.

Better Air Quality

Your insulation is just as responsible for trapping harmful particles as it is for keeping the temperature in your home comfortable. If you have any people in your house that are suffering from respiratory diseases, using spray foam insulation can help to create better air quality that they can take advantage of.

Quiet Living Spaces

Much like traditional fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation helps to handle the acoustics in your house. If you have the right type and right amount of insulation installed, any outside sounds won’t affect your indoor living quarters and vice versa. In fact, insulation is well known in the building community for its sound absorption, which is why manufacturers make specialty lines that are designed to keep more noise out than your standard insulation.

Fits More Areas

Typical fiberglass insulation comes in sheets and if you need it to fit in any irregular spaces, you will need to cut it which is not only a mess but it is also a hazard to your health without the proper equipment. Spray foam insulation can easily make its way into all of the small cracks and crevices that typical insulation may not be able to get to. It also helps to make the process much simpler as you don’t have to try to manipulate large pieces of regular insulation.  The more protection that your home gets with the help of insulation, the better it is for the safety of your home, your family, and even your wallet over a long period of time.